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20-21 August 2022, Cornwall tatoo convention - View Website


6 March 2022, Bristol Comic Con and Gaming Festival - View Website

27-28 November 2021, Reading Comic Con - View Website

23-25 October 2021, The Great British Tattoo Show - View Website

2 October 2021, Devon Comic Con and Gaming Festival - View Website

26 September 2021, Bath Comic Con - View Website

18-19 September 2021, Cardiff Anime Con - View Website

28-29 August 2021, Bristol Anime & Gaming Con - View Website

Customer feedback

Beyond perfect! So happy with the Disney sleeve that I am slowly growing thanks to this amazing artist

The friendliest, talented tattooist that I have had the pleasure of getting ink done by!! Completely took her time and didn’t rush at all.... 5 stars do not do Geek Ink justice! Thank you so much we will BOTH be back soon 🙂🙂

Spent a wonderful afternoon with Geek Ink; a very welcoming artist who's just as skilled as she is friendly. Some wonderful art done by her with very very high attention to detail. Clean, hygienic place and not far away from the centre of town. A wonderful store and some awesome ink.